“Transform the world, by transforming yourself.”

Introducing the highly anticipated MIND SHIFT  Meditation Membership by davidji

Explore your spiritual connections, restore the harmony within, tap into your body’s inner intelligence and creativity, and set the stage for spiritual rebirth! Let's navigate these challenging times together...

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the membership program designed to support YOUR JOURNEY in all realms of life...

Lock down a nourishing meditation practice with the continuous help and support of davidji, and a tight knit group of fellow spiritual warriors on a similar path. Access monthly lessons, videos, workbook activities, meditations, free gifts, live webinars and the exclusive Facebook group. Each month will focus on a particular topic curated by davidji.

PLUS you'll get access to the Guided Meditation Vault with tons of meditations hand picked by davidji on every topic imaginable - and it will keep growing! 

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Julianne Curtis

Initially I was reluctant to join the Mind Shift Membership because I had taken three davidji classes and had cherished the twice-a-week live webinars. However, once I received the October, 2020 membership content, I was thrilled.
The monthly layout is brilliantly presented; each section is easy to access and so user friendly.  All of the material is suitable for a beginning meditator with no prior davidji experience.  The contents and variety of the articles and worksheets are amazingly detailed.

What a deep dive into so many physical, emotional, and spiritual realms! As I worked on each one throughout the month, in tandem with the meditations, I realized that I get to be with davidji every day!  The grouping of the theme based meditations is also brilliant; they are short, with informative notes attached to each one. Another exciting and innovative component are the "pop up" classes-videos presented by distinguished mentors in a variety of fields.
Finally, the bonus  meditations, gifts, and ample comment opportunities are icing on the cake.

BRAVO davidji and team! You have created a masterpiece!
- Julianne Curtis

In the MIND SHIFT Membership you will...

✨ BALANCE, HEAL & TRANSFORM with monthly content personally created for you by davidji.
✨ GET THE SUPPORT YOU NEED to journey through all the realms of your life.
✨ Build a solid meditation practice.
✨ Learn davidji’s secrets to physical and mental balance.
✨ Begin your journey of emotional healing.
✨ Lock in a nourishing spiritual practice to support you thru dark times.
✨ Develop better boundaries in all the relationships of your life.
✨ Receive a monthly selection of  meditations to help you make peace with your past and grow into who you are truly meant to be.
✨ Learn the keys to NOT taking on other people’s energy.
✨ Discover how to attract abundance in your life.
✨ Deep dive into the spiritual teachings of the masters.
✨ Receive monthly gifts like designed screensavers, printable mantra cards, posters, and more.
✨ Gain access to davidji’s monthly, LIVE, meditation masterclasses, webinars, and pop-ups.
✨ Get free videos to help take your life to the next level.
✨ Receive content and exercises for every week of the month.
✨ Get full access to davidji’s Meditation Vault, a vast curated library of guided meditations - searchable by theme.

✨ Get FREE access to select online courses; 40-Days of Transformation & Breathe Into Meditation
✨ Receive special product and event discounts.
✨ Get monthly FREE classes with davidji’s certified teachers in meditation, yoga, mediumship, card reading, crystals, aromas, angels, karma clearing, moonology, manifestation, and more.
✨ Get FREE classes by occasional celebrity contributors.
✨ Access to pop-up LIVE videos by davidji during moon cycles and celestial events.
✨ Be the very first to hear about new programs and receive VIP insider tuition.
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Selam Espinoza

They say there are no coincidences! About half a year ago I bumped into davidji's meditations and since then he truly has been my greatest teacher.

The mind shift membership has offered me a fantastic opportunity to keep motivated and be on the right track, refresh what I have learned, gain new insights and learn new methods in a fun, dynamic and authentic way. 

I am very happy and feel blessed to be a part of the mind shift community and to be on this journey back to the self.

-Selam Espinoza

Monthly LIVEs with your teacher davidji!

davidji has taught millions of people around the world to heal their hearts, plant powerful intentions and manifest their dream lives. His grasp of time tested solutions combined with real-world practical applications, have helped people at every life stage and circumstance find balance, heal deep wounds, and transform into their best versions.

And every month you'll get to hang out with him for a LIVE, virtual pop-up lesson, a deep dive into ancient texts and teachings and transformative meditations together. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Enroll today at the low monthly rate of ONLY $22 a month!!! Or, enjoy one month FREE with a Yearly subscription. 

You'll have access to all the lessons, tips, tools, meditations, articles, free pop-up webinars and classes, and all the bells and whistles for as long as you choose to subscribe.

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What you'll get:

MIND SHIFT Membership

  • Monthly lessons on spiritual practices;
  • Monthly workbook activities;
  • Monthly video teachings on real-world practical application with davidji;
  • Monthly exclusive live masterclasses with davidji via zoom;
  • Special guest immersion healing classes;
  • VIP gifts (mantra cards, screensavers, posters, special discounts, and more);
  • VIP Access to the exclusive MIND SHIFT Community on your membership platform and in our private Facebook group.


  • FREE pop-up specialty classes led by davidji Certified Teachers, experts and celebrity contributors on everything from gentle yoga, to crystals, to sound healing, and more;
  • FREE access to select online courses; 40-Days of Transformation & Breathe Into Meditation Video Series
  • Guaranteed early-bird tuition on ALL davidji virtual masterclasses;
  • First access to davidji’s newest spiritual content, guided meditations, videos and podcast episodes as they are released.

Brandi Pennell

I have suffered from severe mental illness for the last ten years. Meditation has really helped me so much with keeping calm, centered and able to engage in healthy activities of daily living. I have loved everything that davidji has put out for years. His work and the work of Thich Naht Hahn have and continue to help me on my healing journey. This new service is just awesome! It keeps me on task and constantly working on healthy activities. The pop up classes are a treat and the freebies are fun! I also love connecting with davidji. He is more than a teacher. He is a dear friend!
- Brandi Pennell



  • $35 One-Time Enrollment Fee




  • $35 One-Time Enrollment Fee