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Mind Shift Membership

Monthly lessons, workbook exercises, guided meditations, pop-up classes, downloads, LIVE webinars, and much more!


Guided Meditation Vault

Access a vast library of curated meditations on topics like, love, trust, healing, forgiveness, abundance, chakras and more!


Enjoy a Community of Like-Minded Spiritual Warriors

Dive deep into meditation with davidji and a global group of spiritual warriors on a similar journey. Together we will help each other stay consistent in our practice, try new techniques, have meaningful conversations, and work through blockages that have held us back for years, or maybe even decades.

Study and Practice With Meditation Master davidji

davidji has taught millions of people around the world to heal their hearts, plant powerful intentions and manifest their dream lives. His grasp of time tested solutions combined with real-world practical applications, have helped people at every life stage and circumstance find balance, heal deep wounds, and transform into their best versions.


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