Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training

Are you ready to become a certified meditation teacher? Is davidji's meditation teacher training program right for you?

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Study Ancient & Modern Philosophy

Connect with the greatest teachers of Vedanta, Buddhism, spirituality, emotional healing and mind-body wellness from ancient texts to modern day translations.


The Only 285-Hour Meditation Training

The training begins in Jan. 2023 with online lessons, a LIVE zoom class every Sunday, and readings that flow into virtual weeklong "in-residence" using Zoom as our interactive platform.


Robust Graduate Follow-up Program

Your post-grad skills will be enriched through a final group webinar, ongoing support from davidji, and special access to Certified Teacher resources to help you launch your teaching practice.

The Program

In this training, you will elevate your meditation practice to a new level. Through the timeless teachings of great masters and sages, you will achieve a new understanding of meditation, self-care, and cultivate your ability to teach these topics.

Through our 16 weeks together ONLINE, you will:

🌀 Receive your personal Nakshatra mantra;

🌀 Learn other powerful mantras to enhance your practice;

🌀 Practice various meditation and breathing techniques to create higher states of consciousness;

🌀 Gain a deeper understanding of what happens to your body, mind and emotions when you meditate;

🌀 Explore in depth the ancient Vedic teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, as well as several modern masters such as don Miguel Ruiz, Pema Chodron and Eckhart Tolle;

🌀 Dive deep into research-based, scientific evidence of what meditation does to your brain and body;

🌀 Learn the process of teaching others and share from a deeper realm;

🌀 Learn to manifest your intentions and desires and attain deeper fulfillment in your life; and

🌀 Learn the most profound spiritual and wisdom traditions.

The Experience

During your time leading up to the final week, you will experience a one-on-one video call with davidji, weekly live video classes in which you will interact with your fellow teachers in training, have continuous interaction with davidji, as well as video and audio teachings on your Online Training Dashboard each week.

The final week of your training concludes with an intensive weeklong virtual “in-residence” with davidji and your fellow teachers-in-training online through Zoom. Together with davidji, your magnificent posse will individually and collectively peel away layers, absorb timeless wisdom, and awaken to your best versions, practice daily yoga, meditation, and dive learn the skills to take your life to the next level!!!

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